In-Vitro Testing

This type of testing does not use human subjects to determine an SPF value but delivers fundamentally important information about the type of light radiation being filtered and allows formulations and/or textile materials to be screened for targeted claims.


(SPF & UVA Estimation, CWL and Photostability)

This test consists of evaluating the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), UVA Protection Factor (UVAPF) and Critical Wavelength (CW) which expresses the sun protection level of a sunscreen product through the full UV spectrum. Photostability is assessed by calculating the SPF before and after UV exposure in this model.

Critical Wavelength Test

(FDA Broad Spectrum)

Broad spectrum protection refers to protection from both UVA and UVB radiation. To support a broad spectrum claim, the test material must protect against most (90%) of the UVB/A spectrum from at least 290nm to 370nm and only  “broad spectrum” sunscreens with an SPF equal to or higher than 15 can claim benefits against skin cancer and skin aging.  These data support regulated claims.

Blue Light Testing

High Energy Visible Light (HEV) or Blue Light has been implicated as a source of skin problems via induction of inflammatory cytokines and oxidative damage. Using specially designed instrumentation that excludes UV rays, Eurofin’s scientists are able to measure the absorption of HEV/Blue light of a given ingredient. These data support non-regulated claims

BOOTS Star Rating

Recognized in the UK, also called Boots star rating system, measures the UV transmittance through a sunscreen film.  PMMA plates are used as a substrate for measurement. The ratio between the mean UVA and UVB absorbance measured before and after irradiation of the sunscreen products is calculated.

Fabric Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) Testing

UPF is a relatively new designation for sun protective textiles and clothing  which represents the ratio of sunburn-causing UV measured without and with the protection of the fabric.   Sun protective clothing and other textiles (camping gear, beach wear) are calculated by a UPF system, analogous to SPF for sunscreen formulation.