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Sunscreen Testing Services

Eurofins CRL provides quality testing for sunscreen and other products by experts in the field of SPF. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is a number determined experimentally indoors by exposing subjects to a UVB spectrum meant to mimic noontime sun. The availability of new and highly potent UVA filters represents a major advance in the development of sunscreen products able to efficiently protect against a number of adverse effects induced by UVA radiation, including erythema, premature skin aging, photosensitivity disorders and some forms of skin cancer.

Eurofins CRL Suscreen Testing offers all available standard SPF methods to determine the protective nature of a test product, including but not limited to UVA, UVB, in-vitro, static, and water resistant tests that are in compliance with the requirements of all global regulatory agencies.

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  • In-Vitro Sunscreen Testing Services

    This type of testing does not use human subjects to determine an SPF value but delivers fundamentally important information about the type of light radiation being filtered and allows formulations and/or textile materials to be screened for targeted claims. Learn More

  • In-Vivo Sunscreen Testing

    Sunlight, a source of life and energy, creates major health challenges like sunburn, pigmentation, wrinkles, dermatitis, and ageing.  Eurofins CRL offers a full spectrum of human subject based research to meet a wide range of regulatory guidelines required for the world’s markets. Learn More

  • Blue Light Testing

  • Fabric UPF Testing

  • Photostability

  • Critical Wavelength Test (FDA Broad Spectrum)

  • BOOTS Star Rating

  • Static SPF Testing

  • Wet Skin Application

  • Sand Resistance

  • Water Resistant Testing

  • ISO 24442

  • Sweat Resistant

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