Eurofins | CRL Response to COVID-19 [Update]

Update March 23, 2020: 

As the COVID-19 situation across the country has progressed,  we find it impossible to run our clinical in vivo testing business and obey social distancing rules of 6 feet or greater distance between staff and test subjects. As you are well aware, the majority of our testing involves our staff seeing subjects and up-close evaluations.  Having said that, after Monday 3/23 we will discontinue seeing study subjects for in vivo testing until further notice. This is being done for the safety of both our study staff and panelists.  We ask for your support of our efforts to respect the social distancing rules put in place to protect both our study panelists and staff in this non-traditional time. We look forward to resuming your studies as soon as possible once the social distancing guidelines are lifted.  From the entire staff at Eurofins CRL, we wish you continued health and safety.


The following was originally posted on March 16, 2020:

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously. Clinical testing at ECRL will be conducted as scheduled. We do not see any immediate issues with panelists or study completions at this time, but we will update you if this changes.

We are ceasing any client on-site lab visits effective immediately through May 1st in order to limit the number of people gathered at our site.

In addition, we do not have any international client visits scheduled in the next 3 months to our site and our staff , including our sales team, have cancelled all International business travel until further notice.

All 3 of our labs are taking additional precautions in wiping down high touch points within the lab (light switches, door knobs, pens, clipboards, computer key boards, desk tops and work tops) 2x/day to avoid the spread of germs. Our cleaning staff is also working additional hours and performing a “Disinfection Cleaning Session” once per week to provide additional disinfection to high traffic areas such as our staff kitchen and panelist waiting room.

From a Eurofins Corporate perspective:
Other countries are experiencing a higher prevalence of the virus spread (China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Iran) and this will continue to spread as this is the nature of virus. Efforts are in place for Eurofins globally as each site has a point of contact, weekly monitoring in terms of business operations and local impact is being evaluated, and general travel restrictions are recommended but not yet mandated at this time.

Overall, good hygiene practices, avoidance and proper reporting are the 3 fundamental actions that we are taking at this time.

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