About Us

Eurofins CRL North Carolina provides a unique combination of services to the Sunscreen Community. We are a research-oriented testing laboratory, specializing in the measurement of Sun protection, with a staff of 8, including a Board-Certified Dermatologist Consultant. ECRL occupies an 8,500 square foot facility in downtown Winston-Salem, NC and our clients include major sunscreen manufacturers in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as numerous start-up biotechnology firms and private entrepreneurs.

Why we lead the field of Sunscreen Testing

  • Superior Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Complete Compliance with FDA requirements
  • Eurofins CRL monitors the overall accuracy of our SPF, UVA and in vitro testing results by participating in an international proficiency testing program.
  • Eurofins CRL can provide additional services, including spectroradiometry, diffuse reflectance spectroscopy measurements, fluorescence imaging, photography and image analysis.
  • Eurofins CRL actively participates in development of sun protection test methods through international conferences, and memberships in organizations such as the SCC, Photomedicine Society, AAD, ASP, SPIE and the ISO Sunscreen Working Group.
  • Staff members have participated in more than 200 scientific publications.
  • Eurofins CRL has over 60 years of collective experience in sunscreen development, marketing support, and dermatology research.


Suncare Research Laboratories was founded in 1999, and is dedicated to the advancement of the sunscreen industry and sun protection measurement technology. In 2016, Suncare Research Laboratories was acquired by Clinical Research Laboratories, LLC which was later acquired by Eurofins and now operates under the name Eurofins CRL NC. The acquisition leverages the strengths of the companies’ industry-leading services, clinical expertise, and proven ability to deliver accurate and timely study results.